Running a business on Instagram? It’s important to meet your legal obligations and ensure you’re protecting your business. Our lawyers can assist you with your legal needs, from contracts to intellectual property protection and privacy. Get in touch today!

Starting a business on Instagram isn't as simple as making an account and posting. There's lots to consider, such as how to protect users' personal information in line with privacy laws, and what information you are legally required to disclose when advertising on Instagram.

If you're working with ambassadors, it's best to set out the details of your arrangement in a Brand Ambassador Agreement.

Further, you need to comply with the United Kingdom Consumer Rights Act 2015, which is designed to protect consumers from unfair business practices. Put simply, you should not mislead or deceive online users about what your business provides.

It's best to chat to an expert lawyer who can advise you on the regulations that apply to you and guide you through your options.

In the United Kingdom, copyright protection is automatically granted to original works. Therefore, when you upload something to Instagram, that work is legally yours.

However, this also means that you grant a licence to Instagram, allowing them to use your content in certain ways.

According to Instagram's terms of use, this includes the ability to transfer your rights over your content to a third party without your permission.

If you're looking to protect your intellectual property (IP) on Instagram, it's advisable to consider registering a trade mark. This offers you additional legal protection and prevents other parties from using your creative works, as they will be exclusively yours. For more information on registering a trade mark in the UK, visit the UK Intellectual Property Office website.

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