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Member - Abinaja Yogarajah

Abinaja Yogarajah

Legal Operations Coordinator

Abinaja is the legal operations coordinator at Sprintlaw. After completing a law degree and gaining experiencing in the technology industry, she has developed an interest in working in the intersection of law and tech.

Member - Aden Bates

Aden Bates


Aden is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. Aden previously worked a top-tier firm and a boutique commercial and financial services law firm. He is experienced in corporate law, financial transactions, restructuring and insolvency.

Member - Adil Khan

Adil Khan

Managing Director, UK

Adil is the Managing Director of Sprintlaw UK. Adil is a legal professional with experience supporting the delivery of complex advisory solutions to private and public sector actors around the world.

Member - Aidan Lee

Aidan Lee


Aidan is a Developer at Sprintlaw. He holds a Bachelor of Science in IT from the University of Technology Sydney. Aidan is interested in software development, automation and game development.

Member - Aidan Watt

Aidan Watt


Aidan is a lawyer at Sprintlaw, with experience working at both a market-leading corporate firm and a specialist intellectual property law firm.

Member - Alex Solo

Alex Solo


Alex is Sprintlaw’s co-founder and principal lawyer. Alex previously worked at a top-tier firm as a lawyer specialising in technology and media contracts and founded a digital agency which he sold in 2015.

Member - Amelia Abbott

Amelia Abbott

Legal Team Leader

Amelia is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. Amelia previously worked at two national firms and is experienced in advising on major projects, intellectual property, corporate law and technology contracts.

Member - Anna Crews

Anna Crews

Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

Anna is the digital marketing co-ordinator at Sprintlaw. She has experience working in marketing and content creation across startup, tech and streetwear industries.

Member - Claudia Hoeben

Claudia Hoeben

Senior Lawyer

Claudia is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. Claudia has top-tier law firm and in-house experience from Australia, Tokyo and New York, where she has worked on commercial, intellectual property and technology contracts and transactions.

Member - David Duckworth

David Duckworth

Head of Technology

Dave is the technology lead at Sprintlaw. He has a background in tech operations, ensuring Sprintlaw is powered by the tech needed to serve its clients and ensure its lawyers work efficiently.

Member - Embeth Sadie

Embeth Sadie


Embeth is a lawyer at Sprintlaw. Having previously practised at a commercial litigation firm, Embeth has a deep understanding of commercial law and how to identify the legal needs of businesses.

Member - Emily Price

Emily Price


Emily is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. Having worked in tech startups for a number of years, Emily brings a unique understanding of technology, business and law. Her experience spans across corporate structuring, intellectual property protection, consumer and privacy compliance and technology contracts.

Member - Esha Kumar

Esha Kumar


Esha is a lawyer at Sprintlaw with a law degree from the University of Sydney. She has gained experience in various PR companies and boutique commercial law firms to channel her passion for helping businesses get their legals sorted. She has a particular interest in technology and start up law.

Member - Ishita Luthra

Ishita Luthra


Ishita is a corporate lawyer at Sprintlaw UK. She is dual-qualified (UK and India) and has previously worked at prominent law firms in London, UK and Mumbai, India. She is experienced in advising on corporate and commercial laws and specialises in private M&A and structuring businesses.

Member - Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith

Legal Consultant

Jacob is a Legal Consultant at Sprintlaw. He is currently completing his Commerce and Law degree at UNSW and is interested in fostering legal accessibility for SMEs.

Member - John Marr

John Marr

Senior Lawyer

John is a senior commercial and property lawyer at Sprintlaw. He holds a Master of Laws and previously worked as legal counsel for large organisations and in commercial law firms. He primarily specialises in contracts, transactions and leasing.

Member - Josh Broyda

Josh Broyda

Growth Team Leader

Josh is the Growth Team Lead at Sprintlaw. Fed up with the corporate world and driven by a passion for small business, Josh joined Sprintlaw to help make legals more accessible and affordable.

Member - Maddison Turansky

Maddison Turansky

Law Graduate

Maddi is a law graduate at Sprintlaw. She has previously worked in commercial litigation, intellectual property law, and creative industries while working towards her Law and Creative Writing degree at the University of Technology Sydney.

Member - Masao Watanabe

Masao Watanabe

Legal Team Leader

Masao is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. He’s worked with a large range of businesses and is most experienced in commercial transactions and franchising. He also has a keen interest in technology related law.

Member - Mason Kemeny

Mason Kemeny

Legal Consultant

Mason is a legal consultant at Sprintlaw. Having founded his own media production company, Mason has experience in both film and music industries. He is also currently working towards his law degree at Macquarie University.

Member - Matthew Robson

Matthew Robson

Senior Legal Consultant

​Matt is a senior legal consultant at Sprintlaw. Whilst working towards his law degree at UTS, he has gained experience in the finance industry and developed an interest in technology.

Member - Minna Boyle

Minna Boyle

Operations Manager

Minna is the operations manager at Sprintlaw. After completing a law degree and working in a top-tier firm, Minna moved to NewLaw and now manages the business operations across Sprintlaw.

Member - Patrick Young

Patrick Young

Legal Consultant

Patrick is a Legal Consultant at Sprintlaw. Patrick is currently finishing his law degree and Honours thesis at UTS with an interest in Australian Consumer Law and has experience in law firms, local government and assisting in-house counsel.

Member - Rebekah Cromie

Rebekah Cromie

Legal Consultant

Rebekah is a legal consultant at Sprintlaw. She is currently completing her combined International Business and Law degree at Western Sydney University and has previous experience working in the financial and government sector, with a strong emphasis on assisting SMEs.

Member - Regie Anne Gardoce

Regie Anne Gardoce


Regie is a lawyer at Sprintlaw, with a law degree from UNSW. Regie has previous experience working across law firms and tech startups, and has brought these passions together in her work at Sprintlaw.

Member - Sharon Choi

Sharon Choi

Social Media & Content Coordinator

Sharon is the Social Media & Content Coordinator at Sprintlaw. She has completed her law degree at UNSW and has experience working in law firms and in social media marketing.

Member - Tamara Scholl

Tamara Scholl


Tamara is a lawyer at Sprintlaw. She has a particular interest in franchising and commercial contracts, but has gained a range of experience with helping businesses navigate their legal needs, having previously worked in a boutique law firm and as an in-house lawyer.

Member - Tomoyuki Hachigo

Tomoyuki Hachigo


Tomoyuki is Sprintlaw’s co-founder and principal lawyer. He previously worked at a top-tier law firm as a corporate M&A lawyer advising corporates, startups and small businesses.

Member - Vladimir Kravchenko

Vladimir Kravchenko

Legal Team Leader

Vladimir is a commercial lawyer at Sprintlaw. He has experience advising SMEs and startups across a range of industries in commercial contracts and regulatory advice.

Member - Wendy Lam

Wendy Lam

Operations Assistant

Wendy is an operations assistant at Sprintlaw. With a keen interest in technological optimisation, she is currently working towards her law and IT degrees at the University of Technology Sydney.

Member - Yuogang Chung

Yuogang Chung


Yuogang is a lawyer at Sprintlaw. Yuogang previously worked in the public sector, and has a keen interest in commercial law, employment law and intellectual property.

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