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Are you a law firm? What do legal consultants do?

No, Sprintlaw is a legal consultancy and our lawyers are not acting as solicitors when providing services through Sprintlaw. In England and Wales, law firms are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), and when we provide services to our clients we are not regulated or authorised by the SRA.

Legal consultants advise on non-contentious commercial, intellectual property and IT matters, which are not areas of practice reserved to solicitors. By structuring Sprintlaw as a legal consultancy, we can keep our running and administrative costs down and pass on the benefit of savings to our clients and provide our services at a much more competitive rate than solicitors providing the same services. This is a new model of practice which has been available since 25 November 2019 when the SRA rolled out certain regulatory reforms.

Are there any differences between engaging a legal consultant or a solicitor?

Yes, there are differences as solicitors are subject to rule and regulations of the SRA.

The most relevant point is that a solicitors’ advice can be “privileged”. This means that correspondence between a client and solicitor can, if made confidentially and for the purposes of legal advice, be withheld from a court or third party in connection with legal proceedings. Advice from non-regulated advisors is not “privileged”, which means our correspondence and advice is treated in the same manner as advice from your accountants or anyone else who is not a regulated advisor such as a solicitor or barrister.

Other differences pertain to rules of ethical conduct application to solicitors (rules that we as lawyers continue to take very seriously) and mandatory levels of insurance cover. Sprintlaw is not subject to this latter requirement and does not maintain professional indemnity cover due to the limited scale and complexity of our product offering. Most clients very rarely require such additional protection and would rather not have to pay the additional premium to have said assurance.

Who are your lawyers?

Our team is made up of experienced Australian lawyers, who are specialists in various areas of law and have all trained at leading firms. They have left the traditional corporate law world to join us on our mission to create a new and better way of delivering legal services. Our team has expertise in technology law, intellectual property law, contract drafting and review, corporate law and commercial law.

Do you have an office?

Our use of technology allows our team members to work remotely from around the world, but we do have a head office based in downtown Sydney.

What areas do you specialise in?

At Sprintlaw our focus is on providing commercial legal services for businesses. We specialise in helping small businesses and startups get off the ground and continue operating without having to stress about any unexpected legal obstacles. Our lawyers specialise in technology, intellectual property, contract drafting, corporate and commercial law.

We do not advise on contentious matters, conveyancing, debt collection, or personal legal matters (such as wills, estates or personal injury.

How do I get started and what's your process?

Just click the ‘Get Started’ button on our website and submit an enquiry. After you’ve submitted an enquiry, one of our legal consultants will review your enquiry within 1 business day and get in touch to get a better idea of exactly what you are looking for.

Then your legal consultant will send through an email with a bit more information about the services you need, along with a fixed-fee quote setting out costs, scope of the service and timing. Have a read through it, and if you’re happy with the scope, you can accept and sign our engagement letter online – easy!

Once you’ve formally accepted, we’ll connect you with a specialist and they will work with you to complete your project. They will contact you by email or phone if they need to get in touch.

How does payment work?

Unlike traditional law firms, everything we do is on a fixed-fee basis. This means you will always know the total cost of your legal bill from the start.

Once you’ve accepted and signed our engagement letter, we will send through the payment details. Please note that we take full payment upfront.

How do I contact my lawyer once I've paid?

Once you’ve accepted our engagement and paid the fees, we will allocate you a lawyer who will take care of your project. Your allocated specialist will contact you via email and let you know if there’s anything they need. If you don’t hear from them immediately, don’t worry – it just means they are finishing off some other projects and they will contact you as soon as they can. Once your lawyer gets started with your project, they will keep you updated as to the estimated delivery time and will let you know if they require any information from you.

Please also note that our lawyers generally don’t take unscheduled calls as it helps keep things running efficiently. If a call is necessary to complete your job, your lawyer will provide you with an online link to our call booking system. Please book in a time using this link whenever you need to chat to your lawyer.

If you have urgent queries or would like to follow up with your lawyer, you can email or phone your legal consultant, who will be able to provide you with an update regarding your project.

How long does it take?

Generally, it takes us 1 – 2 weeks to complete a legal project. However this can vary depending on how busy we are, unforeseen complexities with your project and your availability for calls or your response to provide us with the information we require.

We will provide you with an estimated delivery time for your project once we get started, and we’ll keep you updated during your project if there is likely to be any change to this delivery time

Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes, Sprintlaw has professional indemnity cover of £2,000,000 per claim.