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Tomoyuki Hachigo

Drafting An Internationally Enforceable Contract

Having a contract with your international business partners is essential. …

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • August 11, 2020

Uber Eats, Unfair Dismissal And The Future Of The Gig Economy

A decision by the Australian Fair Work Commission in April…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • July 6, 2020

How Do I Know If I’m Infringing Copyright?

When we were young, we all heard the saying “sharing…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • July 4, 2020

What You Need To Know About Dropshipping

If you’re thinking of running an online e-commerce business, you…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • June 29, 2020

Need To Make An Employee Redundant? What Small Business Owners Must Know

When making an employee redundant, it is important you understand…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • June 24, 2020

Setting Up A Virtual Internship? Here’s What You Need To Know

With many businesses moving online, you may have considered setting…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • June 24, 2020

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews

Let’s face it: reading negative reviews of your business online…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • June 5, 2020

Getting Back To Work After Coronavirus

For business owners lucky enough to survive the recent months,…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • May 26, 2020

Trade Mark Opposition: Lessons From Superwog, Zara & In-N-Out

What do Superwog, Zara and In-N-Out have in common? They’ve…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • May 25, 2020

Do I Need To Register Copyright?

At Sprintlaw, we’ve spoken to hundreds of businesses about protecting…

by Tomoyuki Hachigo • May 14, 2020