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Adil Khan

Adil Khan is the Managing Director of Sprintlaw’s first international office in London. Adil has previously practiced in a top-tier Canadian firm and been active in the UK legal tech ecosystem since early 2017. He has been engaged with Sprintlaw since the beginning of the expansion in Q3 2020.

As a corporate securities lawyer, and thereafter a development sector consultant, Adil’s career has  focused on building partnerships with public and private sector leaders and advising on everything from cross-border transactions to legal reform in unpredictable political environments. This extensive experience, coupled with recent exposure to fast-growth startups, shaped Adil’s career focus of reimagining legal service delivery.

In providing legal strategic guidance for clients small and large in varied contexts, Adil has demonstrated the ability to communicate solutions to complicated organisational challenges and build the relationships necessary to convert vision into concrete action. This unconventional professional and personal background has given him a familiarity of subjects like early-stage growth, business model design, and macroeconomic risk that are relevant to working with stakeholders across the UK’s burgeoning tech scene.

Adil manages operations for the Sprintlaw UK team and is responsible for ensuring our diverse client base gets the advisory solutions they require to protect them going forward. He also writes on current events and history for a variety of publications – https://www.adilalikhan.com/blog/.

Differences Between An Online Store & Marketplace Model

Maybe you have an online business already or you’re thinking…

by Adil Khan • November 18, 2021